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Gu Lab | Minimally Invasive Genetics/Epigenetics

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We are recruiting motivated and talented post-docs, graduate students.

Our review on cell-free nucleic acids in collaboration with the De Vlaminck Lab now published in Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering: 

Our work on detection of malignancies in CSF for CNS tumors was posted JAMA Neurology, and for other body fluids on Genome Medicine as a follow-up to our Nature Medicine metagenomics work. 

Our work on rapid metagenomic testing of infected body fluids using cell-free DNA was published in Nature Medicine.

Our work on DASH was featured by IDT. As the first demonstration of using CRISPR-Cas as a tool for in vitro diagnostics, DASH is a compelling approach for targeting and depleting unwanted background in low input specimens.

Our work on early USA transmission of SARS-2-CoV using viral phylogenetics has been published in Science (paper 1, paper 2) and Clinical Infectious Disease, and featured in WSJNYTimes (Article 2), LATimes, SF Chronicle, USA Today.

Proud to have collaborated with many other labs to develop a multitude of novel rapid SARS-2-CoV testing, now published in Nature Biotech (paper 1, paper 2), Cell MedCell Reports Med, Nature Comm, and featured in NYTimes, SF Chronicle, WSJ, STAT, NPR.


Department of Pathology, Stanford Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Laboratories

Gu Lab
3373 Hillview, Room 220
Stanford, CA 94305


We are grateful to the National Cancer Institute and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund for their support. 

Support our research on minimally invasive diagnostics or other breakthrough research at Stanford. To donate to our work, mention: Gu Lab, Dept. of Pathology.

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